Chattanooga's Best Granola...

***CORVID-19 UPDATE*** Please allot extra time in factoring in your orders. With the virus shutting down some local sourcing and non-essential shippings, we are experiencing a delay in receiving. As always, I thank you for your support! In the meantime, please consider purchasing Gift Cards to help things continue during and after this pandemic is over. Sincerly, Luther *** 

Our mission statement here at Noke's Granola is to "Stay local, think global and feed your mind", and with that we want to make sure we only use the finest products available and make our granola the old fashioned way: with love, by hand, and from scratch. This isn't a boring and dry, pour dust in your cereal granola...Noke's various blends are full of flavors and nut clusters that makes it just as good for snacking, as it does for mixing into your favorite foods. We send out every bag of Noke's Granola knowing that it is the little bit of care and love that makes all the difference.

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